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As a Shift Supervisor, you are responsible for all aspects of production within your Cell including but not limited to: Injection Molding Machines, Dryers, Thermolators, Material loading, and ensuring Operators are operating efficiently and safely, to company standards. You are expected to train, supervise, and communicate with all Operators working in your cell. You are also expected to work with and help other employees across the Production Floor as needed.




Ø Supervise all resources on your shift, including materials, quality, and production.

Ø Communicate with HR and Management routinely on resource performance, identify gaps in training / skills and provide or schedule training.

Ø Accountable for regular and consistent attendance of all subordinates; advises Human Resources daily if an employee is late or absent.

Ø Make judgements on resource assignments to deliver on the stated Production Priority Plan and optimize output and yields.

Ø Follow priority (run list) exactly and communicate accordingly.

Ø Follow the process documents, work instructions, set up sheets and other relevant policies, and ensure no unapproved deviations. Ensure that any potential deviation is communicated through the established escalation policy and police such deviations with staff.

Ø Perform Job Start up as per relevant SOP, considering all technical aspects from materials, mold set up, equipment conformance, process parameters and secondary operations.

Ø Ensure machines are cycling on a nominal cycle and within specifications. Troubleshoot quality, productivity, safety, yield, or equipment issues.

Ø Start/Shut down machines and auxiliary equipment as required.

Ø Understand Injection molding process, process variables, material drying, fluid mechanics.

Ø Sign-off on Production First Article (PFA) process, ensuring all process and product parameters are within specification.

Ø Maintaining, monitoring, and enforcing quality control processes

throughout production run.

Ø Ensures Production Article is available at the Workstation and Shift Personnel. Compare Parts with the Production Article so that they understand what needs to be done to produce Acceptable Parts.

Ø Ensures that Molding Machines are started and continue to run as scheduled / directed by Production Manager/Scheduler and that Setup Worksheets are updated for each Machine on a regular basis.

Ø Troubleshoot equipment, replace electrical components such as fuses, heaters, and thermocouples.

Ø Troubleshoot mold components such as PLC, core sensors, pneumatic valves, ejector safety switches, hydraulic connections.

Ø Perform daily preventative maintenance as per relevant SOP. Document all maintenance work performed including starting and finishing times, as well as inventory on parts and supplies involved in each repair, as per relevant SOP.

Ø Apply/develop continuous improvement initiatives.

Ø Ensure all Operators have proper PPE, coach (verbal and written) and enforce all company and safety policies.

Ø Ensure production lines are properly outfitted with tools and other materials according to the work instructions.

Ø Ensure Team Leaders and all other resources are being relieved for lunches and breaks according to the stated policy, disciplining where appropriate.

Ø Ensure that FG pallets are packed out as per relevant SOP and WI. Documentation should be completed as per relevant SOP and WI.

Ø Blend, load, and document raw material (Resin/colors/additives/etc) to ensure resin levels are adequate for scheduled production for shift and if applicable has correct incoming moisture as per relevant SOP. Never allow Surge Bin to run low unless job is nearing completion.

Ø Support all other aspects of the production line if necessary.

o Trimming, Wrapping, Pallet Building and Strapping, Packaging as per relevant SOP and WI

o Quality support and inspection of parts and stacks as per relevant SOP

o Ensure proper Workstations (clean and organized)

o Train new personnel and continue to develop skills and knowledge

o Operate Production Lines



Ø Punch in no more than 30 minutes before shift start and no more than 60 minutes after shift change. Be on the production floor 15 minutes prior to start of shift to meet with previous Supervisor.

Ø Relieve Operators for Lunches and Break’s

Ø Take breaks and lunches as see fit, with productivity and quality in mind.

Ø Responsibility of referencing relevant Work Instructions regularly or on an as needed basis.

Ø Manage scrap by periodic and frequent quality checks at each machine.

Ø Perform other tasks as requested by relevant personnel, including maintenance and mold related functions.

Ø Takes initiative to accomplish results, approved goals and/or expectations

Ø Takes personal responsibility for improving Work Performance

Ø Notifies Supervisor of Training Needs

Ø Accountable for regular and consistent attendance

Ø Performs additional duties / tasks as assigned by Supervisor

Ø Report and communicate productivity or any issues on your shift to the incoming Supervisor as well as the entire team through email and reports, as per relevant SOP




Ø Embraces and follows Medway Policies and Procedures and Work & Safety Rules

Ø Creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding

Ø Creates an energizing work environment that supports Medway’s High Performance Culture while ensuring an efficient and flexible organization

Ø Takes initiative to accomplish results, approved goals and/or expectations

Ø Serves as a role model for all Employees

Ø Is a part of the Team and demonstrates enthusiasm and pride in Medway Plastics




· Education: High School diploma/GED is required

· Experience: Previous manufacturing supervisor or related experience. Must have at least 5 years of proven injection molding technical experience.

· Must possess excellent verbal, written communication skills and Microsoft Office as required to interface with other departments and company personnel




· Regular exposure to dust, fumes, odors and warm working temperatures

· Must be able to walk behind machines; i.e. in narrow places




· Manual dexterity required to operate machinery.

· Ability of fingers and hands to ascertain the texture of parts or objects such as smooth/coarse and sharp/dull and to compare parts that have been approved as First Articles with Newly Produced Parts of the Molding Machine.

· Ability to see objects clearly at a close distance (3 Feet or less). Corrective lenses permissible.

· Ability to see clearly objects at a distance (50 feet or more); Corrective lenses permissible.

· Ability to distinguish between and among colors; i.e. red flashing light. Ability to exercise depth perception to determine space and distance relationships. Ability to exercise peripheral vision to be aware of objects within a large area while eyes are focused on one object.

· Ability to read written English.

· Ability to express oneself verbally in English with clarity on a face to face basis

· Ability to hear in one or both ears so that verbal communication can be received, understood and acted upon either face to face or over an overhead paging systems.

· Ability of olfactory nerves to distinguish between and among odors and scents as to origin and level of intensity, and to tolerate potentially obnoxious smells.

· Ability to control and utilize fingers in a dexterous and coordinated manner for such activities as writing, typing, keyboarding, trimming parts, packings, labeling, operating equipment etc.

· Ability to use body parts on a regular and continuing basis to repeat the same motions between breaks and / or over the course of the shift without resting.

· Ability to grasp, hold, set down, redirect with hands or fingers, turn, control and manipulate parts, objects and boxes.

· Ability to stretch body and extend arms to place or secure parts and objects at a distance above, to the side of, or below the normal standing level of the individual.

· Ability to exert a reasonable paced mobility from one point to another within generally accepted time frame, and recognizing the conditions of the environment as to narrowness, clutter, slickness, etc.

· Ability to move and control one's torso so items can be picked up from the floor or from a lower surface level.

· Ability to flex legs at the knees and move the upper body forward and down.

· Ability to flex legs at the knees to lower body position.

· Ability to flex legs at the knee so that individual can lower the body coming to rest on one or both knees.

· Ability to use body parts, usually arms and hands (occasionally shoulders and back) to elevate an object weighing in excess of 50 lbs. above its previous surface level.

· Ability to ascend steps, ladders and other vertical and semi-vertical surfaces to reach a higher level.







· Directly supervises 3-5 employees within the production department.

· Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws.

· Responsibilities include training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work. Assessing employee’s injury, filling out work compensation injury reports, notifying HR via In cases of serious injuries please call 911.

· Weekly review/approval of employees’ timecards to assure accurate time reporting.

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